Plant The Right Plants In Your Landscape

Dated: 01/22/2018

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I've been a gardener for a long time and if it's one thing I've learned over the years is to plant the RIGHT plant in the landscape. You want a plant that will serve its purpose and not overtake, over balance, or over burden the landscape. This weekend I completed another step in my SAVAGE pruning of a Bradford pear tree. Bradford pear trees are extremely common in Tennessee and that is really unfortunate. 

At first glance a Bradford pear tree (a type of Callery pear from China) looks like a neat tree. A huge puffy cloud of white flower petals pop out early every spring. They also retain their leaves until late in the fall. That's really where the "good" traits of the tree stop. Bradford pears are invasive plants and spread in our climate very quickly. The birds really enjoy their fruit and spread it all over the countryside. My Bradford Pear tree in the process of being removed.

The trees break easily due to rapid and poor growth patterns which create a lot of work for the homeowner. Several years ago builders planted tons of these trees in landscapes all over. They were cheap and looked good. Now because of a lack of knowledge and foresight these trees are creating issues for cities, towns, and homeowners all over. 

Yesterday I trimmed all the branches off of our last remaining Bradford pear tree. All that remains is the trunk which I'll take care of soon. If your tree is small I highly recommend removing it and replacing it BEFORE it becomes a big problem. Otherwise it will create a whole lot of work for you later. 

If you plant the right plant in your landscape from the beginning you can avoid problems like this. Do the research into the growth habits of the plants you are considering. Check out the plant labels at the nursery for growth size, soil conditions, sunlight needs, watering needs, and more. Those tags are VALUABLE resources for every gardener. You may even want to keep them in a binder for future reference. 

If a plant doesn't feel like a good fit look for alternatives. It isn't wise to force a plant to grow in a place it doesn't like! 

Also strongly consider native alternatives to exotic plants. The Bradford pear tree is from China but there are replacements you can find that are native plants like the Serviceberry Tree. 

Talk to experts! Your local master gardeners association is a fantastic resource to utilize as are the agricultural extension services throughout the state. They are there to help you so why not give them a call? Also contact your local gardening center or specialists in the field like GroWild Nursery (native plants)

Of course I'm a real estate agent but if you have a garden question I may be able to help with that too. Give me a call! Dave: 931-674-1727.

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